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Loving the Process

One student we’re working with had a funny anecdote to share with us. He said he’d been away from his friends all summer and when he met them again, they said “Hey, it seems like you’ve changed. You’re … deeper.” He pondered for a second then responded in all seriousness, “Yeah, I think it’s from writing these supplemental essays for Stanford.”

Most people dread having to write personal statements, but those who take the time to do it well often find that it blossoms into an extremely valuable process of introspection and growth. It’s a bit like journaling, in fact, and the more you can view it as such, the more authentic it will sound and the more you’ll learn about yourself.

You probably won’t become enlightened in the process of writing your personal statement - although that’s not impossible! - but you certainly will have a better sense of the darkness. Go there. Then come back, and tell us what you saw.


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